My research focuses on connecting astrophysical and geophysical numerical approaches in order to achieve a better understanding of the formation of terrestrial planets. To do this, I make use of N-body and fluid dynamics codes to model the dynamical evolution of young solar-type stars in cluster environments and the thermo-mechanical history of terrestrial bodies in young planetary systems. Previously, I have worked on global simulations of protoplanetary disks with large-scale gravitational instabilities and the use of adaptive mesh refinement techniques.

Below, please find a collection of my work, including research articles, poster presentations, and theses.

Projects in progress

A thermo-mechanical 'Goldilocks' regime for impact splash chondrule formation
with GJ Golabek, CP Dullemond, TV Gerya, M Schönbächler, MR Meyer

Volatile exsolution and melt migration in terrestrial planet precursors
with T Keller, GJ Golabek, RF Katz, TV Gerya & MR Meyer

Water delivery to planets from degassing planetesimals
with Y Alibert, GJ Golabek, TV Gerya, MR Meyer

Reassessing the evolution of the IAB parent asteroid body
with AC Hunt, DL Cook, PM Reger, M Ek, GJ Golabek, M Schönbächler


Isotopic enrichment of forming planetary systems from supernova pollution
T Lichtenberg, RJ Parker & MR Meyer (2016). MNRAS, 462(4), 3979-3992.

The effects of short-lived radionuclides and porosity on the early thermo-mechanical evolution of planetesimals
T Lichtenberg, GJ Golabek, TV Gerya & MR Meyer (2016). Icarus 274, 350-365.

Modeling gravitational instabilities in self-gravitating protoplanetary disks with AMR techniques
T Lichtenberg & DRG Schleicher (2015). A&A 579, A32.

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Conference Talks

Chondrules and the Protoplanetary Disk London, UK    02/2017
Formation of the Solar System and the origin of life Leiden, NL    02/2017
Winter school 'Chronology of the Formation of the Solar System VI' Les Houches, FRA    02/2017
New Directions in Planet Formation Leiden, NL    07/2016
Sant Cugat Forum on Astrophysics Sant Cugat, ESP    04/2016
Planet Formation and Evolution 2016 Duisburg-Essen, DE    03/2016
PlanetS General Assembly 2016 Grindelwald, CH    01/2016
The Delivery of Water to Proto-planets, Planets and Satellites ISSI, Bern, CH    01/2016

Seminar Talks

Konkoly Observatory, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Budapest, HUN    03/2017
ETH Zürich, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics seminar Zürich, CH    02/2017
Centre for Star and Planet Formation, University of Copenhagen Copenhagen, DK    02/2017
Liverpool John Moores University, Astrophysics Research Institute Liverpool, UK    07/2016
Oxford University, Department of Earth Sciences Oxford, UK    06/2016
ETH Zürich, PhD proposal defense Zürich, CH    05/2016
ETH Zürich, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics seminar Zürich, CH    12/2015

Poster Presentations

Origin and Evolution of Plate Tectonics Ascona, CH    07/2016
Exoplanets I Davos, CH    07/2016
PlanetS site visit, Geneva Observatory Geneva, CH    05/2016
Gordon Research Conference – Origins of Solar Systems South Hadley, USA    07/2015
PlanetS General Assembly 2015 Anzere, CH    01/2015
Planet Formation and Evolution 2014 Kiel, DE    09/2014


Modeling gravitational instabilities in compact and massive protoplanetary disks with AMR techniques, Master’s thesis, Göttingen University 07/2014
Constraining Exoplanet Characteristics with Asteroseismology, Bachelor’s thesis, Göttingen University 08/2012

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