Blog posts & online talks

I publish blog articles and online videos that summarise and narrate scientific publications I was involved in. Currently, most of the blog posts go to Forming Worlds. Videos of conference presentations and paper summaries related to my research can be found here. Below please find blog posts and videos that I either created myself or contributed to.

Astrobites – The astro-ph Reader's Digest

Astrobites is a daily astrophysical literature journal written by graduate students in astronomy around the world. Its goal is to present one interesting paper per day in a brief format that is accessible to undergraduate students in the physical sciences who are interested in active research. During my authoring activity for Astrobites from 2014–2016 I published a variety of blog articles. Until 2019 I remained active in the Astrobites community in various administrative and supportive roles.


Press release and media communication for Lichtenberg et al. 2021a (Altmetric)
Public talk "Wasser, Wüste oder Lava: Wie entstehen erdähnliche Planeten?" (German), virtual, Planetarium Göttingen
Letters to a Pre-Scientist Pen Pal
Press release and media communication for Lichtenberg et al. 2019b (Altmetric)
ETH Zürich focusTerra special Exhibition "Expedition Solar System"
ETH Zürich Scientifica 2015 - "Licht und Astronomie – Geschichte und Geheimnisse des Universums"
Figures and media for german popular science article “Exotische Welten – Wie alte Sterne neue Planeten bilden” by Dominik Schleicher in “Sterne und Weltraum”
Astrobites reddit "Ask-Me-Anything"
Visit of primary school in Zürich Seefeld with Q&A
Visualisation video of cosmological star formation simulation
Public talk "Ferne Welten im Computer: Planetenentstehung durch Gravitationsinstabilitäten" (German) , Institute for Astrophysics, University of Göttingen